So you’ve got an Attorney… But do they have the power?

By Chris Castles
Almost everyone’s heard of an Enduring Power of Attorney. EPOA for short. It’s a document that let’s someone else make decisions on your behalf if for some reason you can’t.

You might have one, but will it do the job.

In the old days a simple EPOA was all that was needed to make sure you could rest easy. These days that’s not always the case.

Did you know that the person you appoint as your EPOA is personally liable if they don’t act properly. How hard is that you might say? Well, it’s a lot harder than you think when complex decisions around aged care, Centrelink and superannuation have to be made. And throw into the mix the personal care decisions that might also need to be made.

Having an EPOA which gives your attorney all the powers they need to do their job, and protecting them at the same time, is just so important.

So if your EPOA is plain vanilla and you need some help sorting out what you need, call us on 1800 283 895.