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Hurry Up – It’s time to do nothing

Last night we saw the most restrictive measures ever placed on a community in Australia – the lockdown in Victoria which includes a curfew from 8pm in the evening to 5am in the morning. You might be wondering what this means for the sharemarket, and indeed the future.  The answer is ‘Who Knows’.  Although, over […]

There’s a Will… But is it the way?

By Chris Castles So you have a Will, but is it really the way? Amazingly, your biggest assets most likely won’t be dealt with by your Will if you die. According to the ABS a person’s biggest assets are their home, followed by their super, followed by their business assets. If you jointly own your […]

Standard of Living or Lifestyle?…Your choice!!

By Chris Castles There are only two types of retirement – one where you outlast your money, and the other where your money outlasts you. Which one do you want? Before I answer that question it’s probably worthwhile just looking at what retirement really means. If we go back 10 or 20 years, retirement was […]

Do you Invest or Gamble…There is a difference!

By Chris Castles Recently on the ABC’s 7.30 report there was a story about some ‘investors’ who’d put their life savings into the established crypto currency ‘Bitcoin’ through igot, an Australian Bitcoin Exchange. The end result was that the investors were having trouble getting any of their money back and perhaps would lose their life […]

How’s your (Over)confidence?

How’s your (Over)confidence? (1) By Chris Castles So tell me, how would you rate yourself as a driver – below average, average or above average? If you’re like most of us you probably answered ‘above average’. In 1965 Caroline Preston and Stanley Harris, two psychologists at the University of Washington, asked 50 drivers to rate […]

It’s how you’re travelling…Not (per)cents that matter

By Chris Castles How often have you looked at your investments and wondered about the return that you’re getting or the dollars that you have? If you’re positive that’s a start, if you’re in negative territory that’s bad – isn’t it? If you’re like most of us you’ve probably made the same comparisons, especially recently. […]

Want better investment returns… Look in the mirror!

By Chris Castles Given the current investment markets you can’t help but wonder how you can get better returns. But have you ever stopped to think what affects your investment returns the most? Would it surprise you to learn that our behaviour is the single biggest factor that affects our financial success. Yes. It’s not […]

I’m Heading Off On Holiday…Where to though?

By Chris Castles Have you ever jumped in your car and said ‘Right, I’m off on holiday!’ but had no idea where you were going? Have you ever driven to the airport to jump on a plane without knowing which airline you were going on or where you wanted to go? For most of us […]