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Happiness… Is that what Life’s about?

By Chris Castles Have you ever heard of the saying that you can look at life as if the glass were half full or half empty…Your choice? Many of us probably have. It’s a simple saying but one that captures how different people perceive what’s happening around them. So why do some people look at […]

Enough? Enough! Enough.

By Chris Castles Enough. A simple word with many different meanings depending on the context it’s used in. So what is enough? Do you know someone who seems to have ‘enough’ but just keeps going, wanting more, chasing something? Most of us do. Enough means different things to different people and so while someone may […]

Dying…It’s a Living Thing

By Chris Castles What sort of death do you want? Confronting question isn’t it? But have you stopped to think about it, and more importantly have you stopped to consider the impact on your family? 70% of deaths are expected – 30% aren’t. 70% of Australians want to die at home – only 14% (1) […]

For every action….

By Chris Castles The markets falling…let’s sell!! The markets falling…let’s buy!! Which reaction is the right one? It’s an interesting question and perhaps there’s no clear cut answer. The human brain is hard-wired to fight or flight when there’s danger, and sharemarket volatility is often considered dangerous to investors. So, what can soccer tell us […]

Ouch that hurt!

By Mitchell Pratt You may have noticed some volatility within financial markets of late, and with that volatility you can be forgiven for cringing when financial markets drop by 5-10% over a week. When it happens do you find yourself re-thinking your financial plan? If you do, would you re-think your financial strategy when financial […]

I bought a Jeep.. what a great choice!

By Mitchell Pratt Have you ever thought about buying a car, and now that it’s front of mind you find yourself noticing it everywhere you go? Have you ever made a major decision or established a viewpoint in your life and the following day you find yourself looking for information to be sure that you […]