Because Life Happens…

Why Bother with Personal Insurance?

Because life happens.

Few people plan on becoming unable to work, disabled, or dying before old age. It happens anyway. And when it does happen the most horrifying thing isn’t that something bad has happened. The most horrifying moment is the one where you realise that while your world has just ended, for everyone else it’s just Tuesday.

Husband, Wife or Business Partner temporarily or permanently disabled? Cancer diagnosis? Ill child requiring expensive medical treatment? Too bad. Goods and services cost money, and neither your doctor nor anyone else can afford to work for you for free.

Rent/mortgage, groceries, kids education, healthcare; where is the money going to come from if you can’t work anymore?

Disabled? Are you going to have the money to pay for a support worker so that you can give your partner a break, and so you can squeeze as much out of life as possible? Do you want to have a partner who can afford to stick by you?

This is why Life, TPD, and Income Protection insurance exists. Because life happens, and one day it may happen to you.

If you’re insanely wealthy, there’s always paying out of your own pocket.
For everyone else there’s Insurance.

The next time you look at your own finances, ask yourself these questions:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, if I was to become seriously ill, disabled, or unable to work in their chosen profession, how would I afford to live?
  • Do I really know what I would do, and what it would cost, to keep my business going if it suddenly happened to my business partner?
  • Do I have insurance on my car, but not on my own life?
  • Do I really understand the underwriting process and why a little more hassle now will save thousands of dollars in future if I need to claim?
  • Finally, do I really want to manage the claims process on my own if a tragic, insured event happens?

If you’re doing alright now, but you come to realise that you’re only one really bad month away from losing a large chunk of what you’ve painstakingly built, please consider giving us a call.