By Chris Castles

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Where focus goes, energy flows’? You probably have. It’s attributed to a number of really wise people.  

The saying is pretty important though because it really tells us that if we don’t have the right focus we can waste a lot of energy getting results we don’t want. Think that wouldn’t happen to you? Take and break and watch the video below. When you come back we’ll continue the discussion.

So after watching the video how many of you saw the obvious? Hindsight is a tremendous thing isn’t it. But what’s that got to do with investing?

Well, quite often when investing it’s the things that we don’t see, the things that we don’t focus on, that have the biggest impact on our outcomes.

The previous return of an investment fund stares us in the face, but the risk the fund takes fades into the background. My rental property outperformed my shares, but we ignore the 90% gearing. My cash in the bank didn’t fall in value and gave me 2.5% income, but over time what I can buy with the money fell, and the income fell by over two-thirds. These are just some examples of our focus being in the wrong area.

Remember, where focus goes, energy flows. So focus on what matters and the things that you can control.  Everything else is noise.

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